Microtke Medical care about you to join CMEF 2017

The long-awaited health industry annual event – the seventy Fifth China International Medical Equipment Fair (spring) will be in 2017, May 15 to 18, in Shanghai, the “Paris of the East” for the opening, long rainbow medical will carry the company’s new products and you meet Expo, and on the evening of May 18, the company will arrange the feast to entertain the guests.

2016 Chinese Endoscopy Annual Conference

2016 Chinese Endoscopy Annual Conference, which is hosted by CMA, Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopy, Hubei Medical Association, Xiehe Hospital, affiliated hospital of Tongji Medical College, HUST, is convened in Donghu International Conference Center, Wuhan, Hubei, 2016/9/2~2016/9/4.

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“Endoscopy and docking technology” skillfully solve the complete obstruction of the esophagus

Complete obstruction of the esophagus (CEO) is commonly seen in patients after radiation, burn, or esophageal surgery. Surgical treatment of the case fatality rate is high, have been reported in the literature “anterograde and retrograde endoscopic techniques” or complexity of the effective treatment of esophageal stenosis, however, there is no relevant endoscopic successful treatment of high obstruction (involving the upper esophageal sphincter) or a wide range of CEO has been reported in the literature. Therefore, from French Ike, Marseille University [...]