Bite block

Endoscope Bite Blocks are used to ensure that the mouth of the patient remains open during endoscopic examinations procedures. They provide protection for the patient’s teeth as well as protecting valuable ultrasound probe and endoscopes equipment inserted into the mouth.

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Product Description

1. Sturdy, yet forgiving materials give an excellent protection for both teeth and the endoscope.
2. Comfortable for the patient and More lenient to the patient’s teeth without affecting the working process.
3. Helps reduce the risk of hypoxia to your patient and Ensure the best fit for the patient and clinician.
4. Pliable, latex-free, adjustable non-powder strap holds Bite Block in place.
5.Single-use ,Cost effective and Latex-free adjustable rubber strap holds Bite Block in place.
6.Available in pediatric and adult version provide a safe passage though the patient’s mouth during TEE, while also protecting valuable equipment.

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