EndoscopY Biopsy forceps

EndoscopY Biopsy forceps

Biopsy forceps is used to enter the gastrointestinal tract via endoscope to obtain tissue samples for pathology.

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Product Description

Specification of biopsy forceps 

Jaw Out Diameter:1.8mm series, 2.3mm series and 3.0mm series.

Working Length: 1050mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2300mm.

With/Without spike: with spike to make tissue sampling more easier.

PE coated: PE coated to avoid fiction of endoscope channel

Mimimum Working Channel:2.0mm.2.8mm,3.2mm

1.  Coated with Medical PE reduce surface friction and enable smooth insertion through the endoscope channel.

2.  Flexible sheath designed for easier passability through an angled endoscope without using excessive force.

3.  Moderate sampling and high positive rate, easier targeting during a tangential biopsy approach.

4.  Welded by laser, the joint is very firm, Short Throw spool style finger grip .

5.  The distal clamp part can pass through tract bended of 210 degree,excellent flexibility.

single packed with dialysis pouch.

ten pcs packed into a white middle box

ten pcs white middle box packed into a carton

white middle box size:27*16*11cm

carton size:683.5*28*51.5cm

pallet size :120*90*Hcm

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