Histology TBNA Needle(Adjustable Hardness)

Histology TBNA Needle(Adjustable Hardness)

Biopsy paracentesis under the observation of bronchoscope

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Product Description

It is a twin pipe harpoon with hose inner, and steel wire cap is connected by steel wire. The theory is same with EN – W320, but steel wire is not connected with work drum. The hardness of outer tube is adjustable. Retract the steel wire by 3-5 cm when sucking. 

Histology TBNA Needle(Adjustable Hardness)

1、Adjustable hardness meets requirements of difficult paracentesis. 
2、Suitable for paracentesis for central-type or surround-type lung lesion.
3、No need to pull out style provides convenience and decreases accidental injury. 

Model Needle Diameter of the needle head Length Of  needle head  Diameter of outer tube Effective length
DT-EN-W420 20G 0.9MM 14MM 1.8MM     1200mm

1、Confirm the needlepoint is located in metal helmet on end section before inserting the puncture needle to biopsy hole. 
2、Withdraw the puncture needle tube under direct vision of endoscope, and the assistant connects inner tube cap and outer tube cap to fix them. 
3、Retract the steel wire into needlepoint bevel to facilitate sending needling to focus. 
4、Withdraw steel wire by 3-5 cm, pull work drum with negative pressure to suck to position of 10ml, fix the piston, and take sample.
5、Remove negative pressure, withdraw the needlepoint to the back of needle tube helmet, take puncture needle out of body from tong passage cavity.  
6、Align puncture needle to slide, thrust out needlepoint, push sample on slide through injecting gas in work drum, then fix the specimen to 95% alcohol for inspection.  
7、After the work drum pushes sample outward, further push steel wire out through steel wire cap to push out sample and prevent clogging, and retract the inner tube cap, withdraw the needlepoint to hoop at far end for reuse. 

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